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Are you looking for group health insurance coverage? Based in Gaithersburg, MD, Peak Insurance & Benefit Services works with clients to find the best group health insurance options.

Our Team

Our teams emphasize quality customer service, focusing on offering each of our clients a personalized experience. We start off by reviewing your particular industry's and business' needs. We’ll coordinate directly with you to set goals and identify strategies to achieve them to provide you with the best group health insurance options for your situation.

Our team will apply their 20 years of experience to offer suggestions and constructive advice. We stay constantly up-to-date with the insurance market to make sure that the right insurance products are available to you.

Our team will help you understand the available insurance options and the possible tax consequences involved. We won’t just present you with an insurance plan, we’ll explain how each plan works and how each of the available options can benefit you.

Benefits of Group Health Insurance

One of the primary benefits of group health insurance is the lower cost for participants in a group plan versus an individual plan. Generally, because of the larger risk pool created by large group plans, you can get better insurance options at a lower cost with a group plan. We can help you find a plan that will work best for your group's size.

But group health insurance coverage doesn’t just benefit employees. Small businesses can receive a health care tax credit when they offer group health insurance to their employees and pay a part of their premiums. In addition, facilitating employee insurance can help your employees feel valued and maintain their peace of mind when it comes to health concerns and associated costs, which can contribute to a happy, more productive work environment.

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